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Our Guarantee

We’ve got your back. You can feel safe getting you roof done with us. By booking your new roof through Roofr.com, you get more protection than if you hired a roofing contractor on your own. The Roofr Guarantee applies on top of any material and workmanship warranties provided by manufacturers or our Service Providers.


This Roofr Guarantee is to be read in conjunction with the Roofr Terms of Use https://roofr.com/terms and are part of your agreement with Roofr. Terms starting with capital letters that are not otherwise defined herein (as well as the non-capitalized terms “we,” “us,” and “you”) have the same meaning as set out in the Terms of Use https://roofr.com/terms.

  1. The Roofr Guarantee. If you are not reasonably satisfied with the Third Party Services received by a Service Provider that you contracted with and which were requested through www.roofr.com or otherwise requested through any of Roofr’s officers, employees, agents or representatives (the “Services”), you may submit a claim to us in accordance with the process identified in paragraph 3 of this Roofr Guarantee (a "Claim"). If we determine, in our sole discretion, that your Claim meets all eligibility requirements ("Eligibility Requirements") as provided herein, we may, in our sole discretion and pursuant to the terms provided herein, attempt to remedy the issue in a manner determined by us, which may include, (a) deploying a Service Provider to the premises to fix the issue; (b) partially reimbursing you for the amount you paid for the Third Party Service; (c) allocating you a credit redeemable toward future Services, or (d) any other action Roofr determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, to be appropriate in the circumstances given the limits of this Roofr Guarantee.
  2. Eligible Claims. Claims that meet all of the Eligibility Requirements in this Paragraph 2, are in accordance with the process set forth in Paragraph 3, and are so determined by Roofr pursuant to Paragraphs 4 and 5, are eligible Claims (“Eligible Claims”). Roofr is under no obligation to consider a Claim that is not an Eligible Claim.
    1. Roofr User Account. You must have an account with Roofr (a “User Account”) and the Services that are the subject of your Claim must have been requested through your User Account or otherwise requested through any of Roofr’s officers, employees, agents or representatives, accepted by a Service Provider, and performed by that Service Provider.
    2. Compliance. You must be and remain, at all times during the claim process, in compliance with the Terms of Use https://roofr.com/terms and the terms contained in this Roofr Guarantee.
    3. Performance of Services. No service provider other than the Service Provider that you contracted with through your User Account may have performed any part of the Services that are the subject of your Claim, unless such additional or alternative service provider was provided through or with the express written consent of Roofr or any of Roofr’s officers, employees, agents or representatives. If any part of the Services underlying your Claim were completed in whole or in part by persons outside of the www.roofr.com platform or independent of any of Roofr’s officers, employees, agents or representatives, your Claim will not be eligible for the Roofr Guarantee.
    4. Services Left as Rendered. Except to the extent reasonably required to mitigate losses arising from your Claim or as necessitated by exigent circumstances as we so determine, you must not alter, fix, repair or in any way modify any parts, installations, materials, equipment, service or work performed by the Service Provider that form part of the Services that are the subject of your Claim. If we conclude, in our sole discretion, that you have in any way altered, fixed, repaired or modified any of the work performed or parts, installations, equipment or materials provided by the Service Provider that form part of the Services that are the subject of your Claim, whether or not your alteration or modification has in any way caused or contributed to the problem complained of, your Claim will not be eligible for the Roofr Guarantee or any protection or payment from us hereunder.
    5. Services Completed as Recommended. All reasonable recommendations made by the Service Provider during the provision of any Third Party Services to address any issues that are part of the subject of your Claim or any other issues (“Recommendations”) must not have been declined and such Recommendations must have been implemented. If Roofr determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, that any Recommendations may have prevented or addressed, in whole or in part, the issue giving rise to or forming part of your Claim, your Claim will not be an Eligible Claim.
    6. Services Paid in Full. All Services that are part of the subject of your Claim must have been paid in full. If you stop payment, set-off or otherwise avoid or contest payment for the Services, your Claim will be disqualified as an Eligible Claim.
    7. Claims Submitted Within One Year. All Claims must be submitted within three hundred and sixty five (365) days after all Third Party Services have been completed by the contracted Service Provider. Any Claims filed later than the day that is three hundred and sixty five (365) days following the completion of the Third Party Services will not be eligible for the Roofr Guarantee.
  3. Process to File a Claim. In addition to the requirements in Paragraph 2 above, all Claims must be submitted in accordance with the process described in this Paragraph 3 in order to qualify as an Eligible Claim. To file a Claim, you must:
    1. Email [email protected] and provide all information required for us to determine whether your Claim meets the Eligibility Requirements, including, but not limited to,
      1. your name and address;
      2. a description of the Services received, including the work that was done and the specific complaint arising out of such work;
      3. the name of the Service Provider; and
      4. any other information, documents or photos that will allow us to reasonably assess your Claim.
  4. Determination of Eligibility. Upon receipt of your Claim by Roofr, we will decide whether it is eligible for protection under the Roofr Guarantee. If it is determined that your Claim is an Eligible Claim, Roofr will determine the resolution. Roofr reserves the right to determine that any Claim is not an Eligible Claim.
  5. Additional Information & Documentation. During the Claim process, Roofr may determine that it requires additional information or documentation. You agree to provide any such additional information or documentation to us in a timely manner upon request. If Roofr determines that the information you have provided with respect to your Claim is insufficient to process your Claim, Roofr may request additional information or documentation from you at any time, and your rights under the Roofr Guarantee will be subject to you providing Roofr with all such requested information or documentation. You represent and warrant to Roofr that all information you provide throughout the process set forth in this Roofr Guarantee will be true, complete, and a fair representation of the issue that is the subject of your Claim. You further agree that Roofr may, and you expressly authorize Roofr to, share any information you provide with respect to your Claim with Roofr’s officers, employees, affiliates, agents, representatives, business partners and Service Providers, as Roofr deems appropriate.
  6. Addressing Your Eligible Claim. Upon determining that your Eligible Claim has merit, Roofr will attempt to resolve the issue that is the subject of your Eligible Claim (a “Resolution”). A Resolution may consist of: deploying additional Services Providers to address the issue at Roofr’s expense; crediting an amount to your User Account; refunding you the amount that you paid for the Services via cheque or otherwise; or any other such Resolution that Roofr, at its sole discretion, determines appropriate. If Roofr requires that another Service Provider or the same Service Provider attend at the premises where the Third Party Services were rendered in order to address the issue or estimate the cost of addressing the issue, you agree to be cooperative in such efforts, including providing access to the premises, meeting with the Service Provider(s) identified by Roofr to correct the issue, and providing complete and accurate information to any third party as reasonably requested by Roofr. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the maximum aggregate cost we are obligated to incur under this Roofr Guarantee or amount of compensation we will provide pursuant to this Roofr Guarantee by way of monetary payment or credit to you, a Service Provider, or otherwise, will be $1,000, regardless of the amount of damage identified in the Claim. Roofr is under no obligation to provide a Resolution to or address an issue that arises out of the contract between you and the Service Provider with whom you contracted. As such, Roofr reserves the right to provide a Resolution, if at all, in the manner Roofr determines in Roofr’s sole and absolute discretion.
  7. Timing for Remedying Eligible Claims. While Roofr will use its commercially best efforts to address your Eligible Claim as soon as practicable, it may take up to three (3) months from the time your Claim is submitted and Roofr receives all requested information and documentation for Roofr to address your Eligible Claim. As this time period is only a projected period within which Roofr anticipates resolving Eligible Claims, Roofr will not be subject to any liability for any failure to resolve your Eligible Claim, provide a Resolution, or make any payment to you under this Roofr Guarantee.
  8. Waiver and Release. Prior to any Resolution Roofr may decide to provide to satisfy an Eligible Claim, you must execute a waiver and release in the form that we provide you (“Waiver and Release”). You acknowledge that in this Waiver and Release you will expressly forever waive and release any and all losses, damages, liabilities, claims, actions, debts, interest, costs, and expenses, which you have or may have in the future against Roofr that relate or arise from your Claim. Further, the Roofr Guarantee does not in any way restrict the limits and exclusions in our Terms of Use. Roofr is not responsible in any way for any of the work performed by a Service Provider and expressly disclaims any contractual relationship with a Homeowner and a Service Provider by virtue of this Roofr Guarantee or any agreement between the Homeowner and a Service Provider that Roofr is not a party to.
  9. No Obligation of Roofr. You acknowledge that Roofr is offering the Roofr Guarantee voluntarily and you agree that we are under no obligation to do so under the Roofr Terms of Use. We reserve the right to determine if an Eligible Claim has merit in our sole and absolute discretion. Roofr has no obligation to provide you with any Resolution, pay any amount or credit any amount to you or any other person under this Roofr Guarantee. Any acts by us to provide a Resolution to you is for the sole purpose of providing customer satisfaction. We may elect in our sole and absolute discretion to withdraw or cancel any prior approval of an Eligible Claim. For clarity, any discretion, decision, determination or choice exercisable by Roofr in this Roofr Guarantee shall be at Roofr’s sole and absolute discretion.
  10. Recourse From Service Provider and Manufacturers. This Roofr Guarantee and the agreement between you and a Service Provider are completely independent of each other. We voluntarily offer this Roofr Guarantee to you as an added protection when using our Services, and it is in addition to any warranties or other guarantees provided by a Service Provider. Further, this Roofr Guarantee is separate and apart from any warranty that may be issued to you by the roofing materials manufacturer. Roofr expressly excludes and disclaims any responsibility to you in connection with or attributable to the roofing materials and any such roofing materials manufacturer’s warranty. Filing a Claim under the Roofr Guarantee does not restrict your ability to seek any recourse directly from a Service Provider with whom you contracted with for the Third Party Services or a manufacturer of any roofing materials used as part of the Third Party Services.
  11. Conditions and Limitations to Water Leakage Claims. The Roofr Guarantee does not cover any leaks caused by: the acts or omissions of other trades or contractors; lightning, winds of peak gust speeds of 30 m.p.h. (48 k.p.h.) or higher, hail storm, flood, earthquake or other unusual phenomenon of the elements; structural settlement; failure, movement, cracking or excess deflection of the roof deck; defects or failure of materials used as a roof substrate over which the roof system is applied; faulty condition of parapet walls, copings, chimneys, skylights, vents, supports or other parts of the building; vapor condensation beneath the roof; penetrations for pitch boxes; erosion, cracking and porosity of mortar and brick; dry rot; stoppage of roof drains and gutters; penetration of the roof from beneath by rising fasteners of any type; inadequate drainage, slope or other conditions beyond the control of the Service Provider which cause ponding or standing of water; termites or other insects; rodents or other animals; fire; or harmful chemicals, oils, acids and the like that come in contact with the roofing system and cause a leak or otherwise damage the roof system. If the roof fails to maintain a water-tight condition because of damage by reason of any of the foregoing, the Roofr Guarantee shall not apply.
  12. No Other Warranties. No other express warranty or guarantee is given to you by Roofr. All implied warranties or conditions, and specifically the applied warranties or conditions of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose are expressly excluded and disclaimed.
  13. Incidental or Consequential Damages. The Roofr Guarantee does not cover any incidental, indirect, special, consequential or other damage including, but not limited to, loss of profits or damage to or loss of use of the building or its contents, whether arising out of breach of warranty, breach of contract or under any other theory of law.
  14. Termination of Guarantee. We reserve the right, in our sole and absolute discretion, to terminate the Roofr Guarantee at any time without notice. In the event that this Roofr Guarantee is terminated, such termination will not affect the availability of the Roofr Guarantee for any Third Party Services that were requested prior to the date of such termination.
  15. Effect of Amendment. If we choose to amend the terms of the Roofr Guarantee, we will post the revised Roofr Guarantee on this page, and we will indicate at the bottom of such page the date of the last revision or modification. Any revised Roofr Guarantee terms shall be effective as of the date posted. The Roofr Guarantee terms that are in effect on the date the Third Party Services underlying your Claim are contracted for with the Service Provider will be the Roofr Guarantee terms that apply to the assessment of your Claim.
  16. Governing Law. This Roofr Guarantee is governed in accordance with the Terms of Use.

Have questions about the Roofr Guarantee? Send us an email at [email protected].